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Biofeedback-Energy Medicine testimonials:

It's Saturday evening, approx 7:49 pm, ...and I'm just out of bed after an afternoon nap.....Since Thursday, 3/14,...I have been sleeping at least 12 hours or more a day,...which is for me, completely out of character! On average,... I am up with morning coffee, by 8:15 am every morning,... but not since Thursday!

I am exhausted,..even after three days from your initial treatment with your "Bio-Machine".....I' feel as if I've been run over by a :Mack Truck!

I have found solace in long, very warm,...baths with "Dead Sea Salts" especially helpful. However, the most amazing and much appreciated recognition that I'd like to share is the complete release from "bodily" pain in my arms and shoulders, which have plagued me since October 2009.

Thank You.....and please know that my gratitude is being offered on many levels...as I continue to witness that which I'm not certain I fully understand.

Therefore, any additional info and or articles or "on line" resources, that you would recommend, would certainly be appreciated. Sincerely, Reggie

I was ready to give up on everything when I was referred to Sig. I am a skeptic but had nothing to lose. It is now 6 months later and my life has changed. I love my family my co-workers and am beginning to like myself. I am very grateful to have my life and have no need to understand why or how. Thank you. Chris

I can only say that I don't recognize myself. I am lighter and smile a lot. Also I am sleeping at night. I feel my sessions even though I am in Germany and have never met Sig. I know when the frequencies are sent. Emotionally I finally have peace. Liesel

Since my work with Sig many doors are opening for me. My work has changed and so has my relationship. Dave

Before my sessions I was negative and always sick. I had no energy and was very depressed. I don't know how it happened but I don’t want to feel this way and now I am able to notice my thoughts. Sig has relieved and uncovered for me the early childhood traumas and I am grateful for the deep work. I am happy and thankful. Jill from New Jersey

I have many health issues. I am spiritual, I thought, but now have a new lease on life. We have worked through my heart attach and Sig's sessions for me are a lifeline and continue to keep me in balance. I am able to forgive others and thank my body for being perfect. Steve in Houston

I am Diabetic and have chronic fatigue. After working with Sig this year my blood sugar is under control and my blood work shows no chronic fatigue. It is a miracle for me and I am a believer in Energetic Medicine and think everyone should at least experience it. I am planning a trip to meet Sig. Cindy in Florida

Sig has been working on me since December 2008. Only 4 or 5 months into the work I was able to conclude that I would not have been able to walk had she not been helping to remove the pain from my hips and spine. Sig has helped me let go of both physical and mental pain. I have the highest respect and deepest gratitude for her insights and dedication. New York

I have been working with Sig remotely for over 9 months and it has been quite a life changing experience!  I am happily amazed at how accurate and specific my sessions are........even from hundreds of miles away.  The details of my thoughts, emotions...mental well being as well as physical is incredible...  Biofeedback gives me a starting mark as to rehabilitating myself from within and on all levels.  I so appreciate ho hard Sig works for me and she has such a personal and loving touch.  It's as if I am the only one :) NA in Chicago

Reflexology sessions:

I have had many sessions with Sig and each time I feel more energized and she has a way of unblocking emotions that I hold in the organs of my body. I don't know what she does but she seems to know my emotional issues and she gently guides me into the subject and the energy blocks move out of me. She has been a blessing to me and many of my friends. - Mary Jane AZ

I came to Dr. Sig because I had circulation problems in my legs and through the reflexology sessions and whatever energy she holds after a month I went back to my doctor and the problem had corrected itself. She has the magic touch and I am very grateful.- Fred AZ

When Dr. Sig work on my feet I can sometimes feel energy moving through my body and I feel as if I have melted in her hands. It is so soothing I am always sad when the hour is over. I noticed after a few sessions that I was not angry at a current life crisis. She gently discusses what she sees in my body and sometimes I cry and she says that is wonderful because the pain of the situation is surfacing and moving away from me. She does things I cannot explain but they work and I have great respect for her work. Everyone should have the experience I will never forget her. - Emily AZ

Supporting the dying:

My name is Anita. I give testimonial of my experience when my daughter went to heaven on July11,2007. Dr.Sig was with me before, during and after my experience. She not only gave me moral support, in my most difficult time. But she stayed with me since I was completely alone. Marisols' death was a very spiritual and Sig explained what was happening or I would not have understood all that was happening. She prompted me to call my son and we put the phone to Marisols ear so he could speak with her one more time. I appreciated what was happening those last few minutes and it gave me peace.

I say, if anyone is in need don't hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Sig. You will find, patience, understanding, wisdom, respect for pain; you won't be alone. Thank you so much Dr.Sig for your help. You will always have a special place in my heart.

Even though Moms passing was expected and inevitable it was still heartbreaking. The emotional and spiritual support both prior to moms passing and following meant so much to me. I can't think of anything else Dr. Sig could have possibly done for me during this loss. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. Your touching base with me over time assures me that you are still available if I need to talk with you. Thank you so very kindly. Jacky

You were very kind to my father when he was dying. You helped him through the process, laughed and cried with us. It was very grounding to have you there. R.R.

It is our privilege to share our feelings with you during the illness and death of my Mother. I know that my mother and family began to consider you a part of our family almost immediately. Your warmth, sincerity, and knowledge of this experience was a blessing to my Mother Linda and me. I was often surprised to find you with my mother very early in the morning or even very late at night. Mother looked forward to your visits as they gave her peace of mind. You impacted our lives forever. Thank you. Dale and Linda

Dr. Sig visited my grandmother in the assisted living home when she was still alert and in good health to bring her comfort, friendship and cheer. The night before my grandmother passed away Sig very selflessly drove a long way across town to support and comfort me as I had no other relative there with me. Sig brought soothing music, we prayed, and talked and read the bible passages. She explained to me the process of dying that my grandmother was going through. After my grandmothers death Sig was extremely helpful in directing my paths to a good funeral home. Sig is a wonderful blessing! Tim

I was grateful to have the company of Sig with me the day Phil died. Sig offered to explain the physical changes Phil was experiencing that day. She asked if I wanted that information and when I said no and explained why, she respected my feelings and gave me a long hug. Thank you for being so loving and respectful. N.D.E

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