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Medical Intuitive - Energetic Medicine

Open the door to all you can be - aligned with the god that you are.

medical intuitiveThis is a complete evaluation of all aspects that make up your life and your physical being. All events that triggered you will be looked at and discussed.

Together we begin a journey into wholeness.

You will also receive a computerized evaluation and print out of your present energetic well being so you can see with your own eyes the improvement with treatment.

Many disease situations are caused by an accumulation of negative thoughts and feelings. These become energy blocks that prevent the flow of Life Force energy. Over time they will lodge themselves in and around organs, meridians, chakras or in the energy field that surrounds each physical body.

Energetic and etheric surgery release is extremely beneficial for more than physical situations. Difficult emotional situations and old, entrenched negative thought patterns that keep us from our goals and dreams, such as fear or scarcity beliefs may be released and healed in this way. Every thought and feeling that we have createsmedical intuitive energy of a certain vibration within and around the body. If this energy is of a low vibration, it can cause disharmony and lower the Life Force of the physical body. Etheric surgery can remove these low vibrational energies, and often brings increased energy, health and release from old limiting patterns. You will feel a hundred angels around you doing their work.

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