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Balance anything that is not working in your life
with Indigo Biofeeback -Energetic Medicine

balance anything that is still not working in your life

Imagine sitting quietly and being tested by an extraordinary software program via simple attachments and relaxing without having to do anything! Not only are your stressful frequencies being measured, whether hormones, allergies or pain, but you are receiving frequencies back that are balancing and reducing your symptoms.


Evaluations and treatment are inclusive and in areas you cannot imagine. Physical, structural, organic, allergies, immune, emotional, etheric, mental, biological, past lives, beauty, bacteria, viral, fungus, life traumas, present, past, childhood and much more.

In less than 4 minutes of testing, the INDIGO will record all frequencies of the tested individual and prioritize them. The INDIGO uses a Double Blind approach by dealing on a subconscious level. Only the system is aware of the thousands of items being tested. Neither the operator nor the client can influence the scan. It scans for the moment of testing and brings these stressors into a state of balance through true biofeedback loops.

face lifts available

Weekly transmission sessions for karmic release - ascension - living higher purpose - manifestion and abundance stimulation. These are 12 hours of frequency transmissions to you wherever you are.

face lifts available

Most often the baby is free of disease at the moment of birth. Each of us at birth is at the core of our own 'onion'. Freedom to breathe on one's own is the first experience we have. As we encounter stressors, such as too early vaccinations, abandonment and poor diets to name a few stressors and the are 'unresolved', we form a new layer to the onion. With each new malady that is suppressed by physical or emotional unmet needs, we form new symptoms (INSOMNIA, WEIGHT GAIN OR LOSS, HEADACHES, UNRESOLVED EAR INFECTIONS, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, ETC.) and they do not go away. The goal is to peel away layers of current symptoms and allow the body to begin healing previous layers. left to its own marvelous ways, the body will balance itself in the shortest time possible. We do not experience the old symptoms with the intensity as before. This helps the body, mind and spirit to balance as a whole living force. We feel lighter, sleep better, feel 'grounded', more in touch with our positive and negative feelings, and become a better observer and stay connected to others in our life. We become balanced and aware of our lives. The light returns to the eye.

Release the childhood traumas that are still running your life.

Take charge of our own health. We heal from the inside to the outside (the heart heals before the skin) as well as the most important organs (the heart) to the least important organs (the skin). We heal from the top, down (the eczema on the head heals before the eczema on the feet), and we heal from that which we just experienced to that state of a child (the onion theory). The INDIGO is incapable of suppression of symptoms. It is only capable of taking off layers of the onion and thus bringing us to a renewed state of health and freedom.

Have a balanced and blessed day, Sig

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