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Foot Detox Bath - Reflexology Session - Oxygen Fill

Open the door to a cleansed and happy you!

This is a very comprehensive session and each component can be received individually.

Foot Detox Bath - begins the release of built up debris in the body. You begin with clean water and at the end of 20 minutes you will be shocked at the dark density of the water. This is a great way to not only release toxins, but condition the body to receive deeper work.


Reflexology - session includes bringing balance and light to all organs and structures in your body and releasing more unwanted energies and toxins. You must drink plenty of water 24 hours after treatment. I will untie any meridian blocks that may be causing distress and discomfort. With each session you will also receive a transmission of light.


Oxygen Bar - this is the time to relax and breathe in pure oxygen. You are feeding the body, blessing it and thanking it for all of the support it gives you. This fills you with a feeling of renewed life and clarity of mind.

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