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Code of Ethics

Worldwide Healing Arts
Sig Coe Martens

May we each live in a body of transformation
May we be an expression of Peace
May our every step be humble
May our actions be those of compassion
May we have the effect on others of virtue
May our voice ring as one OM
May our tongue be of silence
May our teachings e for free-dom
May our thoughts be of God
May our feelings be a limitless flow of our love
May our sight be of enlightenment
May our touch be a dream of gentleness
May we one day walk in Samadhi
May our grace be desire- less -ness
May our life be one of sacrifice
May our being be Truth

With Gratitude and a Knowing that like a child in the womb of
the Mother, we are each sustained at every moment by the
Grace and the Light

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