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supporting the dying

supporting the dyingWe rejoice in a new birth but find dying extremely traumatic. This is true for all people; especially the close family and friends and the person dying. We don't know how to do it and need help.

With over 20 years of experience it is my honor to support you in making this very normal process a ceremony of love and release. In this way each person can continue with life in a healthy and empowered way. I will be at the actual death, if that is meant to be, helping with the transition through the veil. I will share who is waiting on the other side and all I am shown. family photo

Death is the final chance of human growth for a lifetime so let us do it with grace and consciousness. The soul is completely pure and will do what ever it takes to go into the light. It will take responsibility but loved ones do not. It is this interference that can sometimes influence the transition.

Together we will let go of old Karma, Past Life hooks, and patterns. The person dying feels such peace with the music and the ceremonies of releasing what has been a relationship hurdle the entire lifetime. How wonderful to know there is nothing left undone. Life was lived as god intended.supporting the dying

As loved ones, the seductions of our emotions outweigh our good intentions. It is more where we live. In order to awaken and recognize our patterns with the person dying these feelings have to come to the surface so they can be replaced.

I will fill the spaces with an infusion of pure love and you are forever changed.

Support with Funeral Arrangements and Grief Recovery.

Fees are dependent on stage of illness, location, family dynamic and time frames.

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