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Dr. SigDr. Sig - A Personal Story

As I have moved through my life, I too experience the emotional blocks, that blind us and keep our heart from being fully expressed.  I feel very humbled and blessed to have with me since a very young age Divine Guidance and a knowing which I hid for many years.  

It is this divine knowing that allows me to be of service to you and to assist you in your life journey.   Everything you need is inside of you and sometimes it is only a small nudge that brings forth the memory of how powerful you are.

Sig was born in Europe and has traveled the world extensively  and is dedicated to raising the consciousness of all.  We are all one.  Like ice cream it comes in many flavors but it will always be ice cream.  We are not only human beings on this planet but we are all potential.  There is nothing we cannot achieve including perfect health, thoughts and results.

Sig studied at the University of San Francisco where she owned a private school.  After years of coaching from the Psychic Institute at Stanford she applied and practiced the principles of physics by holding energy and space with the children creating a balanced environment for learning..

This spilled over when Sig moved into the Corporate world and helped established Worldwide family a marketing Company in California.  She trained Counselors throughout the country to support families in end of life decisions. Sig was also honored to raise and guide five wonderful children who have ventured out into their own life.

Guided to explore yet another field, Sig began doing Hospice work with the specific function of being with the person transitioning.  Seeing through the veil of death into a new life became a powerful way of serving the patient and their families.  She works privately with families to free families from ties that can bind the soul through eternity.



Healing on many levels have always been a modality very familiar to Sig.  She is now actively using the Indigo Biofeedback system working with clients all over the world through frequency creating balance and well being. This is very delicate and specific work for each person. 

As a member of the Mother Meera Board of Directors USA , Sig supports the projects Mother is dedicated to.  For more information please go to Mother Meera's websites for events and information about the Mother.


"I am neither Guru nor God
I am you and you are I
The appearance of difference is
The illusion
I am the ocean, you are the wave,
We are one"

Publications by Dr. Sig:  "Life After Death""Electromagnetic Vibrational Therapy"  Harvard - "Spirituality & Medicine"

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