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Ever wish you were born with an Instruction Manual?

Is life not working for you?

Ever feel you are you swimming against the flow?

energetic medicineEnergetic Medicine

Measures and reveals this blueprint through your cells, like a CAT Scan, Ultra Sound or EKG  

 Bring Balance into your life. Dr. Sig will open the door and help you walk into a new life. castle door


You can live above the frequency of pain,
sadness, depression and lack ……forever



It is STRESS that keeps you trapped ...

take your stress test


The following are all stressors that cause DIS-EASE.

How many of these are in your life now:


Money issues -- Allergies -- job issues -- relationship issues -- bacteria -- virus -- chemicals -- dehydration –  emotional issues -- fast foods -- fungal infections -- genetically altered foods -- negative thinking -- phobias -- anxiety -- headaches -- migraines -- lack of sleep -- low self esteem -- medical conditions -- diseases -- radiation -- nutritional deficiencies -- overworking -- microwave radiation -- prescription drugs -- parasites -- pain -- skeletal issues -- psychological disorders -- depression -- over or under weight -- desires -- worries -- grief -- unresolved emotions -- constipation -- toxic people -- traumas -- addictions – surgery


If you have 5 or more of the of these symptoms then you are in severe biological stress.  


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